My life in Threes

So here I sit, 3 weeks since I left home, my 3rd Monday in-country, ruminating on something I wrote on my 3rd day in Namaacha. Ruminating on the sweeping view from Três Fronteiras high above and outside our new city, feet in Mozambique and South Africa and Swaziland all at once.

Everything happens in threes, right? It would appear so.

It’s funny and it’s strange how quickly 3 days, 3 weeks can feel like a lifetime. In some senses it is. All that was known, all that was familiar now left behind for this new life.

For bucket baths with mountain views. For pit latrines and trash pits. For water from buckets and rice for every meal. For creaky mattresses blanketed by bug nets. For unfamiliar faces that are now friends and family. For ties that bind.

Today I am thankful for new friends and family. For Esther as she braids my hair, for Ayume as she crawls into my lap. For Diana as she runs into my arms and Wilson as he runs away. For dinner conversations with Alek, Mãe and Pai over couve as we say our goodbyes to their first host-son, as they express their gratitude to him and he returns it two-fold. As they say they will not be sad now because they have a wonderful new filha.

3 days of tears filled our eyes as he walked out the door. Irmão, Filho. How quickly these bonds become sacred.

Life is strange, but it sure is beautiful.


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