Journal: how to build a fire


  1. Remove logs from center of kitchen area, sweep trash and ashes into center and dispose of in ash bucket
  2. Place logs back into center. Arrange in circle with burned tips touching. Fill in gaps with new logs or smaller sticks.
  3. Tear up small plastic bag (plasitco) and place pieces in center of logs. Cover with twigs (torn egg carton or coconut husk if available).
  4. Light plastico. Striking matches is tricky business here, as they burn out quickly. Match must be held upside- down immediately after lighting to ensure flame.
  5. Allow time for plastico to burn and twigs to catch fire. Fan with lid from water bucket if necessary.
  6. Place grate over fire. Add stabilizing stones under each leg (from pile of flat stones).
  7. Place water pot on grate. Fill with water from nearby barrel.

Other notes:

  • Fire should be started no later than 6:15 to ensure warm bath water for entire family
  • Logs should be monitored through day to ensure they’re touching
  • This fire is used solely for bath water. The nearby carvão fueled by charcoal is used for cooking.

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