Journal: How to do Laundry


Phase 1: fill 3 basins with water. Add detergent (item 4) to basin #1. Heavy scrubbing is to be done in this bucket. Spot clean with item #5 (green bar soap—it it scented? Who knows)

Phase 2: transfer scrubbed items to basin #2. Shirts and sweaters first, then pants. Let soak while continuing to work in basin #1.

Phase 3: squeeze excess water from items in basin #2 and remove all soap. This is done by dipping and wringing, dipping and wringing. Repeat in basin #3.

Phase 4: hang to dry, inside out. Pants from waistband, shirts from bottom. Stretch as far as possible (which seems too far, but what do I know?)

Other Notes:

  • Shoes last with items 4 and 6. Beginning to end for 6 pieces of clothing: 45 minutes.
  • Also to be noted that I could not remember the name of the detergent at the time of this drawing and subsequently used the incorrect Portuguese spelling of soap instead…its real name is Omo.

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