Solar Eclipse: Ring of Fire

So this really cool thing happens every once in a great while, it’s called the Ring of Fire. It’s a type of solar eclipse that only blots out part of the sun. Known as an Annular Eclipse, it occurs when the moon is farther from Earth and its shadow appears to be smaller than the sun as it passes over, leaving only a glowing ring of light.

Even cooler, an annular eclipse was visible across Africa today. Starting in Gabon on the west coast and stretching diagonally across the continent to Madagascar, the moon’s shadow crossed over the sun around 11:15 this morning in Mozambique.

So, naturally, we pulled out some blank paper and made pinhole projectors to view the eclipse without blinding ourselves. Some knew that there was an eclipse today, others had no idea, but everyone’s interest was piqued when the projectors came out. While admittedly anti-climatic, here are some pictures of the endeavor.


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