More of Moz

Mozambique is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country.

From Muslim, matrilineal and more conservative culture in the North to the predominately Changana, patrilineal and more Portuguese influences in the South; from the dry and dusty inland regions to the lush green coastlines. It’s all different and it’s all here.

Following a Peace Corps conference in Maputo, several of us took advantage of the opportunity to stay in the south and explore. From the capital we took a chapa 45 minutes to the edge of the city, hitchhiked from Marracuene in Maputo province to Xai-Xai (pronounced shy-shy) in Gaza province, caught another chapa to Manjacaze, Gaza to visit a PCV’s site for a night, then backtracked to the beach town of Bilene, Gaza for a few days of bumming around an estuary of the Indian Ocean.

Full disclosure: this post is only to brag about the postcard quality of Mozambique, demonstrate my envy of all volunteers living anywhere near the coast/far from the desert of Tete who can visit these places at their leisure, and motivate all family/friends currently suffering through the midwest winter to come and visit.


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