An open letter to…myself

Last August, at the end of pre-service training, we were asked to write letters to our future selves.

It’s one of those classic activities that leaders of large groups love to use: scribble a quick note to yourself, throw it in an envelope, give it to the leader and totally forget about it until it gets handed back to you weeks or months later. I’ve quite honestly never cared for it much.

So, naturally, when our letters were passed out at our Reconnect conference in December, I stuffed the unopened envelope into a folder without giving it a second look…until last week.

I received a text from a fellow PCV saying he had just opened his letter to himself and was impressed by what he had written in August. I dug through my backpack, pulled out the folder, and searched for the envelope. Then I let it sit on my table for another 4 days.

I finally decided to open (and share) it in honor of completing 9 months in country, 6 months at site. I’m honestly not sure where the time goes, but I have a feeling these words will manage to transcend.

While they were written in response to personal situations, they seem more relevant than ever. I hope you can take them with you as you go.

It reads as follows, the photo above closing out the letter:

Remember that tomorrow is promised to no one. Take time to laugh every day, to smile, to be thankful. Remember the big picture and don’t lose a valuable day of your life being angry or upset or worrying about things out of your control. This day is yours.

Piti piti zwazo fè niche. Little by little. All good and important things worth having in life take time. Remember to be patient and to draw strength in the waiting. Things will come with time.

Bloom where you are planted. Adversity is a blessing that transforms you and pushes you to become stronger. Things may be tough, life may be nothing like you expected, but you have the power to choose how you will respond. Flowers make life more beautiful.

Things happen, such is life. Remember to let go of the things you don’t need, they will only make you heavy. The world you live in is inherently beautiful, remember to seek out the good every day.

When a wave comes, go deep. Throw yourself into everything you do wholly and fully, even when it seems impossible. When the world is daunting and life is giving you more than you think you can take, go with it. Let it toss you around and take you places and carry you along with it. You will come out better for it.

You have everything in you that you could ever need, you are stronger than you know. Above all else, remember that.


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