Mozambique is a country in Southeastern Africa. From North to South it is bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland. For my American friends and family, Mozambique is about twice the size of California. It is divided into 11 provinces.

Capital: Maputo


Population: 25.3 million (according to World Factbook, 2016)

Languages: Portuguese (official), Emakhuwa, Xichangana, Cisena, the list goes on…approximately 43 different languages are spoken in Mozambique

Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony and gained its independence in 1975. It has operated as a Republic since the end of a 15-year civil war in 1992.


Tropical to subtropical. Two seasons include the wet season (October-March) and the dry season (April-September). Temperatures vary greatly across the country based on altitude, but the country-wide average is 82° F.

Quick Facts

Currency: Metical (current exchange rate 1USD = 60MZN)

Government: Unitary Presidential Repulic

Common religions: Christianity and Islam, but a significant part of the population either practices a traditional religion or does not identify with a religion


Main exports: aluminum, shrimp, cashews, cotton, sugar, citrus, and timber

Flag: green represents riches of the land, white lines to signify peace, black for the African continent, yellow to symbolize Mozambique’s minerals, and red for the struggle for independence. The rifle represents vigilance and defense, while the open book is a reminder of the importance of education. The hoe is to represent agriculture in Mozambique, and the star is a symbol of internationalism and Marxism.