Peace Corps: Mozambique

Peace Corps Mozambique was established in 1998. Volunteers serve in the sectors of Health and Education and are required to learn Portuguese.


Current: 235

To date: 1190

Serving in: all 11 provinces


The health program was established in 2004 and works in collaboration with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health, the National AIDS Council, and several non-governmental, international non-governmental, and community-based organizations. There are currently 103 health volunteers working in-country, primarily in the area of HIV/AIDS, organizing and implementing activities that promote healthy lifestyles while helping their host organizations build the capacity to better serve their community.

The health program framework focuses on four goals:

  1. HIV prevention and control
  2. Adherence to HIV therapy and support for people living with HIV
  3. Malaria prevention and control
  4. Organizational strengthening


The education program was established in 1999 and currently has 115 volunteers serving in-country. The project works in collaboration with the Mozambican Ministry of Education with the goal of providing an improved culture of learning in schools and community service through educational opportunities. Volunteers are teaching English, Science, Math and Technology in classrooms across the country.

Current Projects:

Let Girls Learn, President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), President’s Malaria Initiative, Science Fair, Grassroots Soccer, Jovens Unidos no Trabalho para Oportunidades e Sucessos (JUNTOS), Reparigas em Desenvolvimento, Educação e Saúde (REDES)


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